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March 31,2016
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Thanks to my super talented friend Antonia, the screencap gallery has a brand new layout! I absolutely love how this layout looks. Go check it out and leave your thoughts in the chatbox! I’ll be working on adding more caps as soon as possible. :) Click on the thumbnail below to visit the cap gallery.


March 12,2016
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I unfortunately have some bad news for you all today.  The films director, Mark Osborne, announced on Twitter that there is sadly a delay in the U.S. release of The Little Prince.

Many thanks to everyone for the outpouring of love and support in these strange times. As it turns out, the much anticipated U.S. release of this special and unique film will have to be anticipated just a little bit more. All I can say is The Little Prince will in fact be released by another distributor later this year. Until then, head to Canada! The film opens there in wide release this weekend!

This is not exciting news, but we hope we will get a new release date in the near future! Hope everyone who has already had the chance to see the film has enjoyed it!

February 11,2016
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Mackenzie attended the Saint Laurent Fashion show tonight in LA! I’ve added 5 HQ photos from the event, and I’ll add more as they appear.

Mackenzie_Foy_02 Mackenzie_Foy_04 Mackenzie_Foy_05

February 5,2016
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Thanks to our friends over at Mackenzie Foy Online, we now have 4 gorgeous portraits of Mackenzie from the Santa Barbara International Film Festival! The photos were taken by Chelsea Lauren and are some of my new favorites. Check them out in the gallery now!

February 4,2016
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Last night was the U.S. premiere of The Little Prince at the 31st Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival! Mackenzie was joined by co-stars Jeff Bridges (The Aviator), Riley Osborne (The Little Prince), and the films director Mark Osborne. Kenz looked stunning as always in a gorgeous daisy print gown with her hair braided sort of like a crown! This is one of my favorite looks of hers to date. We currently only have 11 HQ’s but I’ve added 50+ MQ photos for your viewing pleasure. Check back soon for HQ’s and video!

  mq2 (17)
EDIT: We now have 100+ HQ photos in the gallery! Check them out now by clicking here!

January 1,2016
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Happy New Year everyone! This year, I’ll be posting Mackenzie themed calendars for you to download and use. I ask that you please do not claim these as your own. Click the thumbnail below to go to the calendar page. Enjoy!


November 20,2015
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Another behind the scenes video of Mackenzie recording “The Little Prince” has popped up online! I just love watching her facial expressions and she’s recording. I’m counting down the days till March 18th!!

 MarvelousMackenzie_TheLittlePrince-BRoll1_-68 MarvelousMackenzie_TheLittlePrince-BRoll1_-97 MarvelousMackenzie_TheLittlePrince-BRoll1_-130
As a side note, the screencap gallery isn’t finished yet. I’m working on getting caps made and uploaded during this next week. Until then, enjoy the super adorable caps from the broll!

November 10,2015
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Exciting news! Mackenzie’s animated film The Little Prince finally has a US release date. The film will be hitting theaters on March 18th, 2016! We absolutely cannot wait to finally see this film. Congrats to the cast and crew!


November 10,2015
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As you probably know, today is Mackenzie’s 15th Birthday! Together with Mackenzie Foy Fans, we were able to put together over 20 special birthday wishes for Mackenzie. You can view them by clicking here. You can leave additional birthday messages to Mackenzie in the chatbox, and I’ll screencap them and add them to the page. Thank you to everyone who helped us make Mackenzie’s birthday extra special!

Mackenzie, we all just love you and are so proud of you. We hope you enjoy your special day!


November 3,2015
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Hi everyone! I added some MQ caps of Mackenzie as Jenny in Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise to the gallery. Enjoy! I also want to remind everyone that tomorrow (Tuesday), is the deadline for our birthday project. Check out the post with more information here.

JesseStone_LostinParadise_-8 JesseStone_LostinParadise_-35 JesseStone_LostinParadise_-56 JesseStone_LostinParadise_-71

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