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Feb 16 2015 Posted by Katie

Hey guys, I appologize for the lack of updates.I plan on doing a mass update within the next few days. Be sure to check back!! 

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instagram and WAFCA awards!
Dec 07 2014 Posted by Katie

Today is an exciting day! Mackenzie has now joined Instagram! Her account is @mackenziefoy, which is the same as her Twitter. Be sure to go and give her a follow. These are her only official accounts, so be sure to report any other accounts. I've added her gorgeous profile photo to the gallery, so be sure to go check that out!

Today the Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Assosiation announced their nominations, and Mackenzie got nominated for Best Youth Performance! The winners will be announced in two days so be sure to check back.

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Jill Stuart + Interstellar!
Dec 04 2014 Posted by Katie

Hey everyone! I've fallen a bit behind on updates, so let's get started!

Today, 3 new photos from Mackenzie's 2010 shoot for Jill Stuart NY surfaced. This is always been one of my favorite shoots, so I'm excited we have a few more photos! My favorite is the one of her doing a curtsy. So pretty! 

Mackenzie attended another Q&A session and screening for Interstellar this last Monday in Los Angeles. She looked gorgeous as always in some leather leggings and a cute blazor. Finally, I added a new still from Interstellar to the gallery. This one features Mackenzie along with Michael Caine. You can check out all the photos in the gallery by clicking the thumbnails below.


marvelous mackenzie © 2012-2015

Mackenzie attends Matthew McConauhey's Walk of Fame Ceremony!
Nov 18 2014 Posted by Katie

Today was a very big and exciting day for Mackenzie's Interstellar co-star and father, Matthew McConaughey. He was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Congratulations Mr. Matthew! Mackenzie got to attend the ceremony along with Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Christopher Nolan, and Emma Thomas. I've added over 150 photos to the gallery so far, and I'll add more as they appear.

My favorites are the candid photos of Mackenzie with Jessica before the ceremony! Thanks to, we also have some video of Mackenzie signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans. I've also added a link to watch the ceremony if you'd like. In addition to all of that, a new Interstellar still popped up online today, and you can view that here.

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AMC Exclusive HD Look of Interstellar!
Nov 14 2014 Posted by Katie

Happy Thursday everyone, can you believe Interstellar's been out for a week already?! Thanks to AMC, we have a new clip from the film. The look is introduced by none other than Mackenzie! She briefly talks about her character and filming. I've added screencaps from the clip to the cap gallery, so be sure to go check those out! Enjoy!

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HQ Jimmy Fallon and Screen Cap Update!
Nov 12 2014 Posted by Katie

Hello everyone! Thanks to our friends over at Foy Brasil, we now have the stills from Mackenzie's appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in gorgeous HQ! Be sure to give them credit if you're reposting on your own site. I also want to remind everyone of the latest updates in the screencap gallery. This week I've added screencaps from GMA, Jimmy Fallon, and finished adding Breaking Dawn Part 2 caps. Today I'll be adding caps from The Return of Lilly D, so check back soon for those!

marvelous mackenzie © 2012-2015

new gallery layout!
Nov 11 2014 Posted by Katie

Hello everyone! As you know, I put up a brand new layout yesterday. Well, there's a new one today too! I've finally changed the gallery layout and it's now live. Be sure to go check it out. Also as a reminder, we have a gallery that's strictly for screencaps. I'm still working on getting a lot uploaded, but there's still over 2,000 caps for you! These are perfect for making icons and edits. I hope you are all enjoying the new layouts. Let me know in the chat which one is your favorite! 

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The Tonight Show!
Nov 10 2014 Posted by Katie

I am so excited for this update! Today, Mackenzie got to be a guest on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!! Not only did Mackenzie turn 14, she got to make her late night debut. How exciting!! Mackenzie looks gorgeous as always in a pretty blue dress. She even got to celebrate her birthday with Jimmy! I've added 13 stills to the gallery in MQ, but I'll add HQ photos if they appear. I ask that you please link back to the site when reposting these, thank you!! 

As of now we don't have video of the interview, as the episode hasn't aired yet. Once there's video I'll add it to this post, so check back in a little bit. Which still is your favorite? I think mine is of Kenz and Jimmy in the giant party hats! Let us know in the chat box! Check out the photos now.
EDIT: I've added 400 screencaps of the interview to the cap gallery. Go check them out here!

Thanks to Mackenzie Foy Fans, we have Kenzie's full interview! Check it out.


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Good Morning America!
Nov 10 2014 Posted by Katie

We are just on a roll with updates today. We now have Mackenzie's interview from GMA. It was taped earlier in the week, as some of the cast is promoting the movie all over the world! This interview is absolutely adorable, and for sure one of my all time favorites! Other than the bts photo we added earlier, no other photos have appeared online. If I find any, they will be added to this post. Watch the interview below!

More ABC US news | ABC Health News

EDIT: I've added over 100 screencaps to the cap gallery, go check them out here!

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Garnet Hill 2010 photos untagged!
Nov 10 2014 Posted by Katie

As you already know, today is Mackenzie's birthday! Well in honor of that, I have a suprise for you guys. Thanks to my friend Ingrid, I've added 6 photos from Mackenzie's 2010 Garnet Hill shoot without tags! I ask that you please link back to the site when posting. I've also added one of my favorites that never made it to the gallery. You can check them all out in the gallery now. Also, Mackenzie is at Good Morning America this morning, so check back soon for photos and video!

marvelous mackenzie © 2012-2015

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