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November 1,2019
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As you probably know, Mackenzie is currently in Cape Town, South Africa filming her new movie Black Beauty! Thanks to her co-stars and Mackenzie herself, I’ve added some awesome behind the scenes photos to the gallery. Be sure to follow Mackenzie on Instagram if you aren’t already and us as well! Check out the photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below.

September 26,2019
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DISCLAIMER: This article has been translated with Google Translate.

The 18-year-old Hollywood movie star Mackenzie Foy has long been a familiar face on the big screen, whether it is the 2011 powerful movie ” Twilight City: Breaking Dawn ” or later with Matthew McConaughey. The interstellar effect of the outbreak of acting , or the Disney movie “The Nutcracker and Fantasy Four Kingdoms ” starring in 2018 , Mackenzie Foy’s large-scale works of the cinema have been running for years, saying that Mackenzie Foy is the best Hollywood star in recent years. The child star, this is not an exaggeration.

Despite the gentle and graceful appearance, Mackenzie Foy’s private personality and interest have a interesting contrast with his appearance. Unlike ordinary teenagers who are incapable of self-explanation of the online world, Mackenzie Foy has a little to keep up with his friends, but she has a series of wish lists on her hands, and she will read when she is free. When there was any secret talent, Mackenzie Foy turned his eyes and said, “I think this may not be a special talent, but I often practice martial arts.” (Yes, martial arts, don’t believe it.) Please go to the video below, the editor is scared to go back.)

The first-line movie stars that Mackenzie Foy has worked with, from Matthew McConaughey, Anheuser, and Yan Laiteli, Helen Milan to Morgan Ferriman, are lined up, and the battle is quite amazing. Perhaps more fortunate for Mackenzie Foy than to get a big blockbuster, chances are that he can get the chance to play with these superstars. Looking back at the process of cooperation with them, is there any unforgettable experience or the secret of acting? “One thing is that all the predecessors will share with me the advice, that is, when you are filming on the set, remember to stop and take a moment to cherish the hard work and hard work of all the staff to bet on this movie.” Mackenzie Foy Said.

As an actor and student, how do you balance your work and school life?

I recently graduated from high school, so for me, after the school and work, the sawing will be much easier, I don’t have to go back and forth between the school and the studio.

You have been a model since 2004 and started acting in 2009. At the age of such a small age, what do you think is the best and the worst?

I think the best part is that you can meet a lot of different people, experience different cultures, and then try different lifes because of acting. As for the worst part, I don’t think there is any worst part yet!

You have worked with many first-line movie stars, such as Matthew McConaughey, Anheuser, Helen Milan and Morgan Freeman. What have you learned from them?

In the process of cooperation, which experience makes you most memorable? Um… It’s hard to choose only one of the most memorable memories, because I have met so many great predecessors and accumulated countless unforgettable experiences. But there is a suggestion that all seniors will share with me: When you are filming on the set, remember to take a moment to cherish the hard work and hard work of all the staff to bet on the film.

How would you describe your fashion style?

My style is completely to see my mood to get up every day. Sometimes I might want to compare avant-garde and fashion, I will wear dark-colored clothes, matching shoes and suitable bags. Sometimes I feel the joy of no reason, I will wear bright, loose, or printed patterns. So I don’t have a fixed style, it reflects my changing mood and personality, and it’s full of fun.

Who is your Style Icon?

Among the people I know, the one who wears the most clothes is Yara Shahidi. She looks good no matter what clothes she wears.

Please share with us a special talent.

I think this may not be a special talent, but I often practice martial arts. How do you pass the time when you are free? I like reading when I am fine. I have a whole set of books to read, so most of my free time is reading, or practicing martial arts, gathering with friends, etc.

How much time does it take to slide Instagram in one day? What do you think about social media?

Social media is cool because it can carry a lot of negative energy and can also be used to help others, so as long as you give it the right purpose, social media can be a great medium, you can and the world People share your story. I am not sure how much time I will spend on social media in a day. Usually I have time to look at it. I can see what my friends are doing and keep up with the latest topics. This is enough. What are your expectations for yourself after ten years? I hope that in addition to being an actor, I can also be involved in some directors and photography.

Can you tell us about the new work to be launched next?

I can’t reveal much now, but the next work “Black Beauty” is a very beautiful story. I feel very resonant, so I am looking forward to seeing the movie.


September 19,2019
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Mackenzie is featured in the September issue of Vogue Taiwan! Check out the first look at the shoot below.


June 7,2019
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Last night, Mackenzie attended the Saint Laurent Mens Spring Summer 2019 Show in Malibu, California. Check out photos in the gallery below!

May 13,2019
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May 9,2019
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