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August 10,2016
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Always remember who you really are, always follow your heart, never lose your personality and who you really are.
Age: 12
Promoting: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Video: Is TWILIGHT’s Mackenzie Foy Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Interviewed By: Young Hollywood
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Never lose your creativity, always imagine, and always move forward. And never stop creating.
Age: 14
Promoting: Interstellar
Video: AFI AWARDS 2014 Video Almanac: INTERSTELLAR
Interviewed By: American Film Institute
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Don’t let your heart change. Be who you are, be happy. And if something isn’t working out, then it wasn’t meant to be.
Age: 15
Promoting: The Little Prince
Video: MacKenzie Foy talks about her dreams & future projects: The Nutcracker
Interviewed By: Hola Hollywood
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On her future in the business…

I want to win an Oscar for acting and an Oscar for directing. That’s my plan.

On when she knew she wanted to act…

I was on a TV set when I first decided that I wanted to do movies.

On girls in the industry…

Girls are confident and they know how to get those deep emotions out of actors. They can do everything that boys can do.

On directing…

I want to go to film college to learn about the departments and how everything works. Then I’m going to start directing.

On Rob (Pattinson) and Kristen (Stewart)…

Kristen’s eyes are green just like mine. And then Rob is kind of goofy. I’m kind of goofy like Rob.

On the best advice she’s received…

I think the best advice was from Anne Hathaway. She told me to not judge myself so hard when I watch myself on screen and to see it as a learning curve and not as a mistake.